While Reading the Letter of an Angel

Anjolie York and Robert Krokowski did not meet in person when this art project took place. She lived near Seattle, he lived in Berlin.

How can you dance together if you do not meet each other? Letters, words dance, language dances if you do allow it. The encounter via e-mails can become a dance: the commenting of a section becomes a writing-in, a rewriting, an invitation and an acceptance, a leading and following, the “back and forth” of the correspondence to improvisation.

Texts and photos are equal as  (dance) partners. The photos do not illustrate the text, the text does not describe the photos – a dialogue unfolds between them that is very reminiscent of the encounter between angels, which has become the epitome of Tango encounters since Sally Potter’s “Tangolesson”.

Autorin/Autor: Anjolie York I Robert Krokowski

91 Seiten, Sprache: English

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