DREAM STATIONS: Secret Agent Dream

Now it’s here: The great Dream Station book with the conspiratorial contributions of the secret agent Dream and his allies:


Geheimagent Traum

Träume gestalten die Entwürfe unserer Welt und unserer Kultur.

Herausgegeben von The Missing Link

Auflage 2021
400 Seiten, 154 farbige und 54 sw Abbildungen
22.5 x 28.5 cm
ISBN 978-3-03942-018-6
Scheidegger & Spiess


Dreams are not only an expression of the psyche, but also a processing of experiences with the world around us. They bring together the most diverse times and spaces. This book is the result of a joint project of the Psychoanalytic Seminar Zurich and the Zurich Neumarkt Theatre with artists, intellectuals and psychologists on the subject. This was done with the active participation of the population: “dream boxes” were set up in various places into which people could drop written dreams, and dreams were also collected via a telephone hotline, an e-mail address and even a mobile dream station, a bicycle rickshaw.

In the book, the phenomenon of dreams is now examined by artists, cultural scientists, architects and psychoanalysts in its diversity and its iridescence, in its pleasure and its horror, as an attack on our taken-for-grantedness and in terms of the expansion of our possibilities. Thus, like the dream itself, it brings together different media: language, text and its stories as well as film and images, music and its voices. The result is an exciting mixture of text and art contributions that span a wide range of topics, from dreams in game design and experimental film to Shakespeare, who constantly interwove dream, stage and delusion.

With contributions by Heini Bader; Michael Barben; Hartmut Böhme; Andres Bosshard; Elisabeth Bronfen; Yves Burger and Barbara Willi; Veronica Defèbvre; Florian Faller; Rupert Jaud; San Keller; Olaf Knellessen; Robert Krokowski, Ulrike Lynn and Marlen Wagner; Claudia Maria Lehner; Fabian Ludwig; Noel Nicolas; Pierre Passett; Raphael Perret; Lukas Ryffel and Lian Staeheli; Philipp Schaerer; Carolin Schreiber; Bohdan Stehlik; Husam Suliman and Olaf Knellessen; Dominic Suter; Una Szeemann; Patrick von Arx; Urs Voser and Manuel Zahn.

The Missing Link is an initiative of the Psychoanalytic Seminar Zurich. The eponymous prize for psychoanalysis is awarded for outstanding work in the interdisciplinary exchange of psychoanalysis with other scientific disciplines.