Religious ideas have greatly influenced cultures – and even for many people who consider themselves non-religious, angelic figures have a place in their education, in their language and in their everyday imagination. In particular, the performing and visual arts, literature and music have also taken up the topic of “angels” again and again and have worked on the theme of the “language of angels” and the “transmission of messages”.

The art projects “Language of Angels” find and establish connections between these imaginary worlds under “Entangelments” Individual parts of the project are carried out as participatory art projects and thereby connect to the experience of working with aesthetic education projects.

In 2021/22, the work in photo challenges, dance workshops and performances focused on pictorial representations, photos of angel figures and other messenger figures whose gestures have a legible meaning, and on their translation into other forms of representation.

The project planned for 2023 will put the theme of “writing” in the focus of the joint work.

Glossary “Letters of Angels”

Many people have already contributed and given words from the “Scripture of Angels” their own personal meaning. Now we are compiling a glossary of meanings. And anyone who would still like to take part is cordially invited to join in.

Successful in the Ideas Competition 2021

We are delighted about our success in the 2021 Ideas Competition, the selection of our 2021/2022 project “Language of Angels | Gestures as Mediators between Cultures” by the jury and the funding of the project by the Capital of Culture Office – Chemnitz 2025 of the Cultural Department of the City of Chemnitz.