Current contributions to the projects of the Fraktalwerk project space. Doing their own thing and doing it together, together and solo – that’s how the contributors work on different projects. Whether long-term projects or miscellanies: They are always curious about new impulses.
The Fraktalwerk invites you to participate in projects – in ever-changing constellations. Sometimes the collaboration lasts as long as the project – sometimes there is only a short guest appearance. Individual projects are so extensive that separate websites have been set up for them: Dreampray (Traumbeute) und Entangelments.

Possible Women

Ana Messina | Mercedes Falkenberg | Libertad Esmeralda Iocco | Julia Ferraris: 01.04.2023 | Pasaje Dardo Rocha, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentinien

Glossary “Letters of Angels”

Many have already collaborated, have given words from the “Scripture of Angels” their very personal meaning. Now, in the second part of our “Entangelments” project, starting in November 2022, we are putting “Scripture” at the centre of our work and compiling a glossary of the “Letters of Angels”. And all those who would like to participate are cordially invited to join in.

Lost Places I “Hallo”

With “Hallo”, a performance by Marlen Wagner (German language only), Fraktalwerk Projektraum presents a new long-term project: Lost Places.

DREAM STATIONS: Secret Agent Dream

In the book, the phenomenon of dreams is examined by artists, cultural scientists, architects and psychoanalysts in its diversity and its iridescence, in its pleasure as well as in its horror, as an attack on our self-understandings …

Successful in the Ideas Competition 2021

We are delighted about our success in the 2021 Ideas Competition, the selection of our 2021/2022 project “Language of Angels | Gestures as Mediators between Cultures” by the jury and the funding of the project by the Capital of Culture Office – Chemnitz 2025 of the Cultural Department of the City of Chemnitz.

Dream Prey

“Dream Prey” (Traumbeute) is a long-term project of the Fraktalwerk project space. The project offers scope for personal threshold experiences and explores interfaces and interstices of artistic practices.