Letters of Angels

„Letters of Angels“ (Schrift der Engel) is a Fraktalwerk long-term project. In 2000, Robert Krokowski developed the letters, first as handwriting, two years later also as a font. Since then, they have become characters. Many contributors worked with them in their own and in joint art projects. They gave meaning to the characters that were put together to form words, sentences and texts. They combined them with sounds, scents, gestures and movements. The name “Schrift der Engel“ (Letters of Angels) was coined in the course of a sub-project around 2005. Since then, the project has also repeatedly revolved around the question of what a message is, who conveys a message, who is the sender and who is the receiver, which messages appeal to the senses and which to the mind. In the project „Letters of Angels”, the participants explore what happens when traces become messages.

Glossary “Letters of Angels”

Many people have already contributed and given words from the “Scripture of Angels” their own personal meaning. Now we are compiling a glossary of meanings. And anyone who would still like to take part is cordially invited to join in.