Land art

Fraktalwerk-Land art follows traces that connect past and future in a condensed present time. Thep articipants are interested in erosion, weathering, ageing, washes, decay, forgetting, displacement, overgrowth, paste over, rusting, dusting, degradation, erusion, wear, patination, use and consumption, ana- and metamorphosis, dissolution, transformation, misappropriation, withdrawal, fragmentation, breakage, fading, abrasion, usurpation, material fatigue, shrinkage, decay and disintegration.

We are interested in what is discarded and rejected, what is left behind, dropped, left lying and standing, forgotten, worn and used up, displaced, lost, discarded and segregated, marginalised, excluded, discarded and devalued, in the unused and the leftover, the misappropriated and the disfigured, the hidden and the concealed, the emptied and the silting up, the submerged and the buried, the damned and the fallen, the deserted and the abandoned.

Labyrinths. Searching for the Minotaur

Marlen Wagner has been working with labyrinths since 2005. In her land art installations in Berlin and on the Baltic Sea, she uses a wide variety of materials.

Lost Places I “Hallo”

With “Hallo”, a performance by Marlen Wagner (German language only), Fraktalwerk Projektraum presents a new long-term project: Lost Places.

Red Thread – Performances

Marlen Wagner has been working with her red ribbons since 2011: In performances she ties herself in – and tries to escape the entanglements and tensions …

Red Thread

Landart: Marlen Wagner has been working with her red ribbons since 2011: In installations she entangles trees and driftwood and deadwood – in performances she ties herself in.
What other tensions will she find in the future?

Landart I For the Moment

Landart besagt, dass sich die Dinge schon finden werden. Gegenstände und Materialien stoßen zu: Sie werden gesammelt für den Augenblick und später wieder den Orten überlassen, an denen sie zugestoßen sind.

Lateritour I Portmanteau Word as Messages in a Bottle

Robert Krokowski jokingly refers to his installations with brick fragments and erosion forms made of fired red clay as Lateritour. “Lateritour” is itself a portmanteau word and at the same time a paragram and an anagram.