Artist Books/Künstlerbücher

Artists’ books are seldom in the spotlight of the art and culture business. You can’t nail them to the wall like paintings, you can’t make them heard in concert halls, you can’t give them a big stage in the theatre. Exhibited at fairs and in galleries, they offer the viewer only a small section of themselves – everything else can only be experienced by taking them out of their showcases and exploring them, sheet by sheet. The presentation on the internet as a sequence of photos and/or videos does show each individual page and thus what could be called “content” – but the most important thing is missing: the haptic exploration of their three-dimensionality.
Despite all this: Fraktalwerk Projektraum opens a new long-term project and presents artist’s books in loose succession by the Berlin artist Marlen Wagner, who says with Guy Schraenen that artist’s books are works of art in the form of a book.

Guest at the 3. KHB artist book fair

Vom 26.–28. April 2024 findet die 3. KHB Buchmesse – artist book fair – mit Marlen Wagner in den KHBstudios in Berlin statt. Klein aber fein!

Labyrinths. Searching for the Minotaur

Marlen Wagner has been working with labyrinths since 2005. In her land art installations in Berlin and on the Baltic Sea, she uses a wide variety of materials.

Artist Books 2024– Marlen Wagner

In 2024 we will also be presenting new artist’s books by Berlin artist Marlen Wagner: as Starbooks, Lotus and Turkish Map Folds, Flagbooks …

Indiecon 2023

We were at Indiecon 2023 in Hamburg and presented Marlen Wagner’s Artist Books there, made contacts with other exhibitors, publishers and galleries, had many conversations and presented our projects.