in motion I Photographs of a moment I Marlen Wagner

The hunt for the perfect moment ends with the death of the hunter, not with that of the prey. But is it about hunting the moment – or about experiencing it and only becoming aware of it in its transience?

Can you make a moment? Design it? And: is it about the one moment or is it not about a series of moments that linger in the memory and float to the surface here and there to make themselves seen?

To give to see, that is what photography does. Being able to see something in a new light, to look at it from a different angle. The camera sees the moment, the photographer creates the moment from it. Not everything seen can be shaped and not everything shaped becomes a moment. Often, success depends on chance, on what happens accidental access – and on time that passes. Sometimes the row material of my photographs lies in the digital memory of my computer for a long time, until a sudden coincidence brings it back to my mind and I start working.”


Tanzfotografie I in motion

Marlen Wagner enter the light I curve the lines

Marlen Wagner Tango – let me into your secret. Berliner Impressionen

Marlen Wagner colour the death