We call things and objects, photos and films, sound and written structures, installations and assemblages, performances and dance sequences, which are constantly reworked, connected and changed, fractal works. They are moments of our common work in process and results of the collaboration with guests of our project space.

Repetitions (variations) and transformations (into new versions): We use the term “fractals” for this. We uncouple the term from its purely mathematical use and use it to designate contemporary art activities. This includes one-offs, multiples, ready-mades and ready-founds – in short, everything that is also traditionally called “works of art”, but also found objects from nature and culture when they look at us and inspire us, and moments of performance and dance that move and touch us.

We are interested in erosion, weathering, ageing, washing, decay, forgetting, displacement, overgrowth, oversticking, rusting, dusting, degradation, wear and tear, patination, use and consumption, ana- and metamorphosis, dissolution, transformation, misappropriation, withdrawal, fragmentation, breakage, fading, usurpation, material fatigue, shrinkage, decay and disintegration.

We are interested in what is discarded and rejected, what is left behind, lying and standing, sunken, forgotten, worn and used, lost, discarded and segregated, marginalised, excluded, discarded and devalued, and revalued, unused and left over, misappropriated and disfigured, hidden and concealed, emptied and shipped, buried, damned and fallen, abandoned.

We are interested in traces that make the present time legible as a condensation of the past and the future.