Landart I For the Moment

Landart says that things will find themselves. Objects and materials come along: they are collected for the moment and later returned to the places where they came along.

minotaur alongside labyrinth

The places can also be found, in the “wilderness” of nature or in cultivated spaces of gardens and parks. Often others have already left their traces here. Works of art and buildings, well-trodden and fresh paths in pathless and impassable terrain bear witness to this.

two hours and five minutes
sundial 1

The works are left to the places where they are created. Their time is limited, they do not last; sometimes there is no trace of them after hours, sometimes after only a few minutes.

fifteen minutes
sundial 2

Marlen Wagner and Robert Krokowski have been working in this way for about ten years. Sometimes each alone, sometimes their works relate to each other, sometimes they work hand in hand. But they always leave the installations behind. What remains are documentations: Films and photos. In the project room, some of these photos are on display, documenting their joint work.

vigilant in front


Robert Krokowski lateritour – in exposed position

Robert Krokowski lateritour – in modular configuration

Marlen Wagner seasons. land art

Marlen Wagner labyrinth. at centre blankness