The category “Miscellaneous” gathers contributions that have not (yet) found their place. For solitaires, scattered, fugitives, this is a transit station until enough similar ones have been found to open a new category. Then they move from here to there.
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In 1943 the tango “Percal” by Homero Expósito (text) and Domingo Federica (music) was published – the music worth listening to and the text worth reading …

Audio samples / Ulrike Warmuth. Seitenblicke

In the series Seitenblicke, the author Ulrike Warmuth has read her texts herself. These audio tracks are part of the four eBooks, as are the texts and photos. Fraktalwerk gives you the chance to hear a prose fragment from each of the books. Have fun listening! (German language only)

Anjolie York / Readings

Half a year after Anjolie York visited us in Berlin, she sent audio tracks, some of which we give you the chance to hear.

FW at the Tangonale 2015

Fraktalwerk war auf der Tangonale 2015 mit einer Lesung und einer digitalen Fotoausstellung sowie einem Stand vertreten.

Im Gespräch mit Marlen Wagner

In her photographic art, Marlen Wagner finds a way to combine her passion for dance and her fascination for movement swings and lines.

The Secret of Tango

Tango and tango dancing also pose the question of a secret that belongs not only to the tango itself but also to the dancers. But it only reveals itself if you keep on dancing. And “tango. let me into your secret” invites you to do just that.

in motion I Photographs of a moment I Marlen Wagner

The hunt for the perfect moment ends with the death of the hunter, not with that of the prey. But is it about hunting the moment – or about experiencing it and only becoming aware of it in its transience?