Dream Prey

“Dream prey” (Traumbeute) is a Fraktalwerk long-term project. It is about experiencing in the joint work how artefacts, oneirofacts and other pieces of dream prey created over long periods of time transform through reconfiguration when they are re-exposed to the process of dream work and artistic working through.

Numepee dreams

The video “Numepee dreams”(German language only) is based on the eBook of the same name that Fraktalwerk published in 2018.

Ekmentation apparatus

The ekmentation apparatus is a device that can record and play back dreams. If the apparatus is used by a dream preyer, then she or he can use it to record, store and play back dreams.

Pinboard of traces

Photos, text fragments, stills from videos, excerpts from manuscripts gathered on the pinboard of the traces to form a sub-project of the “Dream Prey”.

DREAM STATIONS: Secret Agent Dream

In the book, the phenomenon of dreams is examined by artists, cultural scientists, architects and psychoanalysts in its diversity and its iridescence, in its pleasure as well as in its horror, as an attack on our self-understandings …

Dream Prey

“Dream Prey” (Traumbeute) is a long-term project of the Fraktalwerk project space. The project offers scope for personal threshold experiences and explores interfaces and interstices of artistic practices.


Ekmenti are dream prey, recordings of and from dreams, as stills or film sequences captured by an eikothon and recorded by an eikment apparta.