Doing our own thing and doing it together, common and solo – that’s how we work on different projects. Whether long-term projects or miscellanies: We are always curious about new impulses.
As a group, we invite people to work with us on projects – in ever-changing constellations. Sometimes the collaboration lasts as long as the project – sometimes there is only a short guest appearance. Individual projects are so extensive that we have set up new websites for them:

The art project “Language of Angels” aims to find connections between worlds of imagination. Individual parts of the project are carried out as participatory art projects, drawing on the experience of working with aesthetic education projects. The micro-project 2021/22 in the context of the Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 focused in photo challenges, dance workshops and performances on pictorial representations, photos of angel figures and other messenger figures whose gestures have a readable meaning, and on their translation into other forms of representation.

In 2024, a workshop/exhibition “Dream Prey” will take place. The workshop will show current projects of the contributors in the form of installations, assemblages, performances, readings, films and photos. In addition, results of the “Fraktalwerk in process” of the last 20 years will be exhibited. Artefacts, oneirofacts and other dream loot created over long periods of time are transformed through reconfiguration when they are “exposed” to the process of dream work and working through again.

The Letters of the Angels is an art project initiated by Robert Krokowski and carried out by all the contributors to the art project. The characters emerged from the script works of Robert Krokowski 1980 to 2000. and appear in ever new art projects: as signs, as riddles, as body descriptions, tattoos …