Tangoabend: Tango Argentino at the Stadtteilzentrum Pankow, Wednesdays 7:30 and 8.30 pm with Libertad and Robert.

Glossary “Letters of Angels”

Many people have already contributed and given words from the “Scripture of Angels” their own personal meaning. Now we are compiling a glossary of meanings. And anyone who would still like to take part is cordially invited to join in.

Dream Prey

“Dream Prey” (Traumbeute) is a long-term project of the Fraktalwerk project space. The project offers scope for personal threshold experiences and explores interfaces and interstices of artistic practices.

Guest at the 3. KHB artist book fair

Vom 26.–28. April 2024 findet die 3. KHB Buchmesse – artist book fair – mit Marlen Wagner in den KHBstudios in Berlin statt. Klein aber fein!

Artist’s Book with Lotus Fold

The eccentric and beautiful lotus fold is ideal for an artist’s book. While in a conventional book page follows page, this one opens in such a way that there is no next page.

Suminagashi – The Japanese art of marbling paper

If you want to try something new and somehow magical this year, how about Suminagashi? The traditional Japanese art of marbling paper enchants with its delicate colours and individual prints. Translated, Suminagashi means floating ink.

Artist’s Books with Turkish Map Fold

This elegant way of folding paper is ideal for creating artist’s books. The origami structure is surprising because its inner shapes cannot be guessed from the outside.

Labyrinths. Searching for the Minotaur

Marlen Wagner has been working with labyrinths since 2005. In her land art installations in Berlin and on the Baltic Sea, she uses a wide variety of materials.

Artist Books 2024– Marlen Wagner

In 2024 we will also be presenting new artist’s books by Berlin artist Marlen Wagner: as Starbooks, Lotus and Turkish Map Folds, Flagbooks …


In 1943 the tango “Percal” by Homero Expósito (text) and Domingo Federica (music) was published – the music worth listening to and the text worth reading …