The hotel a dream

We are very happy! The Missing Link has invited us from Fraktalwerk Projektraum to be part of the Culture Weekend from 30 June to 2 June 2023 at the Kulturhotel Bergün/Switzerland.

Possible Women

Ana Messina | Mercedes Falkenberg | Libertad Esmeralda Iocco | Julia Ferraris: 01.04.2023 | Pasaje Dardo Rocha, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentinien

Gemälde eines hundertjährigen Familienjubiläums

Als Libertad Esmeralda Iocco im Sommer des Jahres 2022 nach Argentinien reiste, um ihre Familie zu besuchen, wusste sie noch nichts von der großen Feier zum hundertstens Geburtstag ihrer Großmutter, Libertad Demitrópulos

Glossary “Letters of Angels”

Many have already collaborated, have given words from the “Scripture of Angels” their very personal meaning. Now, in the second part of our “Entangelments” project, starting in November 2022, we are putting “Scripture” at the centre of our work and compiling a glossary of the “Letters of Angels”. And all those who would like to participate are cordially invited to join in.

Numepee dreams

The video “Numepee dreams”(German language only) is based on the eBook of the same name that Fraktalwerk published in 2018.

Ekmentation apparatus

The ekmentation apparatus is a device that can record and play back dreams. If the apparatus is used by a dream preyer, then she or he can use it to record, store and play back dreams.

Pinboard of traces

Photos, text fragments, stills from videos, excerpts from manuscripts gathered on the pinboard of the traces to form a sub-project of the “Dream Prey”.