Indiecon 2023

We were at Indiecon 2023 in Hamburg and presented Marlen Wagner’s Artist Books there, made contacts with other exhibitors, publishers and galleries, had many conversations and presented our projects.


In 1943 the tango “Percal” by Homero Expósito (text) and Domingo Federica (music) was published – the music worth listening to and the text worth reading …

Traumspuren. Grau – Marlen Wagner reads

On 1 July 2023, Marlen Wagner read from her unfinished novel as part of the cultural weekend “Das Hotel – ein Traum”. Imagine there is a device with which dreams can not only be recorded but also played into the dreams of others …


Tangoabend: Tango Argentino at the Stadtteilzentrum Pankow, Wednesdays 7:30 and 8.30 pm with Libertad and Robert.

The hotel a dream

We are very happy! The Missing Link has invited us from Fraktalwerk Projektraum to be part of the Culture Weekend from 30 June to 2 June 2023 at the Kulturhotel Bergün/Switzerland.