Posted I Message in a Bottle and Location Post (Lageposten)

When unsuspecting finders open a message in a bottle, they face serious consequences. How can they be sure that they are the addressees of the message? The situation is not always clear. The following applies to all recipients of a message: looking, listening, touching, sniffing and tasting can have surprising consequences.

Therefore: Caution! Caution! Attention! Exposed art can be unpredictable. Things, words, actions are exposed and located in the Fraktalwerk Project as location posts (Lageposten). When things are exposed, the coordinates of the place of exposure are noted on the location post (Lageposten).

Exposed situation posts transmit messages about the situation, like a message in a bottle thrown into the more/sea (Mehr) of possibilities. Location posts are messages in a bottle, letters, objects, containers, boxes, cases, envelopes or bodies.

They contain, carry and transport words, things and actions. Messages are conveyed through the exposure of situation posts.

Posts can be suspended several times. Suspended position posts can be moved to another position.
The situation is not irrelevant. The suspenders are messengers. They move things, words and actions as situation posts to places that seem suitable for exposure.

The Fraktalwerk project “Posted” is a long-term project. Krokowski’s exhibitions “Rote Resonanzen von Du zu DU” and Gaz à tous les étages (with Pierre Granoux), for example, or Krokowski’s lecture-performance “Was die Lachfalten der Kofferwörter erzählen …“, his nested texts “Memoiris” and his essay on reading Goosebumps (Beim Lesen der Gänsehaut) belong to the series of exposures.