Ekmentation apparatus

The ekmentation apparatus is a device that can record and play dreams. The least confusing is to think of this device as a black box. Additional devices can be connected to these via interfaces, for example any screens. If the equipment is used by a dream predator, she can use it to record, save and play dreams. The recordings can also be imported directly into dreams via a connected re-converter. Every ekmentation apparatus is unique, just like the dream predator who uses it and develops it further.

The appearance of the device is very different. Just as the dream encloses, envelops and covers its „navel“ (Freud), so the housing and manifest parts of the ekmentation apparatus form the container that can hardly be imagined with three-dimensional spatial concepts.

Some who dream of the „core“ of the excitation apparatus report a topological shape like that of a cross hood, others of a clock with a ball as a time memory, still others of an egg made of stone, which is supposed to encourage the creation and brooding of a clutch.