An older man remembers his youth, the young women, their clothes from Percal. In 1943 this tango by Homero Expósito (text) and Domingo Federica (music) was published – the music worth listening to and the text worth reading …

On 30 June, Libertad Esmeralda Iocca and Robert Krokowski opened the cultural weekend “Das Hotel – Ein Traum” at the Kurhaus Hotel Bergün/Switzerland with their four-part dance performance “Tango Passage”. The Tango “Percal” The performance begins with the Tango “Percal” ….


Percal …

Do you remember the percale?
You were 15 Aprils old,
longings to suffer and love,
to go to the center, to triumph
and forget the percale.
Way of the percale,
You left your house…
Maybe we heard wrong.
I just know that in the end
You forgot the percale.

The youth is gone…
Your house is no longer…
And yesterday laid
have stayed
your percale and my past.
The youth is gone…
I don’t wait any longer…
Better to leave lost
longings that have never been
and the percal edress.

Why are you going to cry?
Didn’t you live,
have you not learned to love,
to suffer, to wait,
and to remain silent?
These are the things made of percale…
Knowing you’re suffering
knowing that you will suffer even more
and knowing that in the end
You didn’t forget the percale.
Sadness of the percale.