Libertad Esmeralda Iocco

© Nicolás Freda

2024 Dancer and choreographer in “Broken Bodies” as part of the dance platform HIER=JETZT 2024 in Munich, Germany
2024 Dancer in “Anhelo Sehnsucht” Dance-video by Mercedes Falkenberg | Germany &
2023 Dancer and choreoraphin in “Things that no longer move” Dance-video by Iocco, in Berlin
2023 Dancer in “Intermittent continuity” by Iocco & Bertone, in Berlin
2023 Dancer and choreographer in “Tango Passagge” by Fraktalwerk Projekt Raum, in Bergün, Switzerland
2023 Dancer and choreographer together with Katherin Rojas Contreras “The evening of an infinite day. Duet version” A.Part Festival in Berlin
2023 Dancer in “The known unknown” by Akiles, in Berlin
2022 Dancer and choreographer in “The afternoon of an infinite day”, Chemnitz,
2022 Dancer in “Cosmica 1971” by Britt August, Berlin Germany
2021 Dancer in “Zeitbrucht” by Valentina Menz, in Potsdam, Germany

May 2021 Scholarship as part of the DIS-TANZ-SOLO programme for the Fraktalwerk project “Entangelments” – Embodiments of Messages in Motion.

since 2020 Fraktalwerk project “Entanglements” with Marlen Wagner and Robert Krokowski

2020/2021 Choreography and dance for video “und in der Astgabel ein Rabe”, dir. Marlen Wagner, Berlin; dancer and performer in the participatory art project “Traumbeute”, Fraktalwerk, space for aesthetic projects, Berlin, (documentation in progress) / Pilates and yoga teacher training online, lesson preparation for contemporary dance, tango after lockdown, planning of contemporary and participatory dance projects.

2019/2020 Together with Ana Kancepolsky “El viaje es nuestro”. Performance between poetry and dance. “Why are you travelling? A journey you took years ago makes sense in a journey you are taking now. The answer lies in the reflection of a friend who travels where you have travelled and creates new paths …”. / Focus on participatory dance projects.

2018 Dancer in the dance video “Replica” by Mercedes Falkenberg, Pisando Pliegos Production. This video participated in the following festivals: V edition IMARP (Brazil), Cultural Cinema Showcase Hispanic-Latinic Heritage, (California, United States). “The attraction of the embrace, the unfolding of their femininity through the power of bodies, in the frame of time/place.”

2017/2018 Choreographer in the performance “Velar Por” by Rosa Teichmann. Funded by the Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Performance that continues the dialogue of the films “Uteros. Una mirada de Elsa Pavón” and “Chicha, esperanza y dolor”. With the aim of continuing the search for truth and justice for the 30,000 people who disappeared during the last dictatorship.

2017/2018 Professor of Body Awareness at the Escuela de Danzas Tradicionales de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013-2016 Studies with degree Profesora de danza contemporánea. (Dance Teacher Contemporary Dance Orientation) Final grade 8.51, awarded by the Escuela de Danzas Clásicas de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013-2016 Dancer in “Hacia la contemplación” by the group Prajna Karuna (Arg. 2013), an experimental work between original music and dance that took the present moment as its main element, and similar projects; dancer in “SeMiCirculo” by Lucía Sandoval (Arg. 2014), a piece combining contemporary and tango dance. “MalVinas. Huellas en el agua” by Danzaación (2016). Dance-video homage to the survivors of the war for the Malvinas in Argentina. Director of “Opuesto Complementario” (2016) about the combination of opposing extremes.

2011-2018 Teacher for children (folk dance, dance and music), Centro de Enseñanza de Arte y Ciencia. La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Private school “José Manuel Estrada”, La Plata Buenos Aires Argentina; Public school “José Manuel Estrada”, La Plata Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Public Schools N°38, N°21, N°8 D.G.C.y E. La Plata and Berisso School N°1, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2008-2016 Graduated as Bailarina intérprete de danza contemporánea. (Dancer in contemporary dance); awarded by the Escuela de Danzas Clásicas de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina