Dream weekend at the Hotel Kurhaus Bergün/Switzerland

Dreams are passages

At the invitation of the missing lInk we were part of the artistic programme of the cultural weekend “The Hotel – a Dream” at the Hotel Kurhaus Bergün/Schweiz.

From 30th of June – 2nd of July 2023, we had the pleasure of participating in many events – and contributing to the interesting and varied programme with two of our own. “Rites de Passage” – participants and artists gathered under this theme.

The three of us at the Hotel Kurhaus Bergün/Switzerland © Fraktalwerk

On the Magic Mountain

The charming hotel is situated above the mountain village of Bergün at 1400 metres above sea level in the heart of the canton of Graubünden. Even the journey on the railway line, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was extraordinary: we passed through numerous tunnels, looked down into deep abysses with a slight shudder, enjoyed turquoise waters and smiled at the numerous small churches on many heights.

In 1906, the Grand Hotel, designed by Zurich architect Jost Franz Huwyler-Boller, opened for business as the first of its kind in Switzerland. Closed in 1949 after a fire in the roof trusses, it was reopened in 1952 in a modified form. No longer a grand hotel with the comforts of the turn of the century, it was now run by the Swiss Association for Family Hostels and housed simple flats. Closed in 2002, it now shines again in its historic splendour thanks to the “Kurhaus Bergün AG” initiative founded by regular guests. Awarded the title of “Historic Hotel of the Year 2012”, guests can now once again feel at home in the lovingly restored Art Nouveau ambience. Far removed from everyday life, every now and then you get the feeling that you are staying on a magic mountain. But unlike Thomas Mann’s novel, life is the focus of the stay here: Excellent food, wellness, cultural events, festivals, seminars as well as hikes and sporting activities fill the days.

Relaxation break: We explore Bergün © Fraktalwerk

Arts and Culture Weekend

We enjoyed many of these amenities to the fullest, but there was no time for others. For the programme of this themed weekend was exciting and diverse – and there were also our contributions …

“Tango Passage” – a dance performance in four parts.

“Traumspuren – Grau” – Marlen Wagner reads. (Sorry, German language only)