“Tango Passage” – a dance performance in four parts

The dance performance opened the Culture Weekend on Frida the 30th of June at the Hotel Kurhaus Bergün/Switzerland with the tango “Percal”. In the tango by Domingo Federica (music) and Homero Expósito (lyrics), an older man remembers his youth, the young women, their clothes from Percal.

Libertad Esmeralda Iocco and Robert Krokowski dance the tango in the style of the Tango Salon, restrained, tracing the longing and melancholy of memory. The tango ends with Libertad extending her hands towards the audience in a gesture of giving – a gift she makes.

Tango passage – Percal , a gesture of giving by Libertad Esmeralda Iocco © Fraktalwerk

The gift: the following contemporary solo dance. The high-heels are taken off, handed over to the dance partner. Fierce movements, swings and jumps alternate with quiet, almost lyrical passages in which the expressiveness of the body focuses on her facial features.

Tango passage – Solo von Libertad Esmeralda Iocco © Fraktalwerk

To lead and to be led, to lead and to follow – this role reversal determines the third part of the choreography developed and danced by Libertad Iocco and Robert Krokowski.

Tango passage – change of roles, Libertad Esmeralda Iocco und Robert Krokowski © Fraktalwerk

At the end, a third person steps between the two dancers. Marlen Wagner detaches the two from each other with the request to finish this dance together. The three of them dance a few more bars, then the two women dance another tango alone.

Tango passagein threes © Fraktalwerk