Dream Traces – Grey. A video interpretation

Dream prey – given: a text. The text of a dream in a novel about dreams, strange devices, oneirofacts, dream journeys and adventures. In this video, Robert Krokowski shows his very special view of Marlen Wagner’s text, his interpretation of the theme. 

Imagine that there is a device with which dreams can not only be recorded but also played into the dreams of others. Imagine what could happen, what possibilities and dangers the protagonists of such dream worlds would face. What effects will such adventures have on waking life?

In the long-term project Dream Prey of the Fraktalwerk Projektraum, texts, photos, videos, performance – and whatever the respective thematisation requires – are created alone and/or in collaboration. The participants react to each other with different means, as here Robert Krokowski does to Marlen Wagner – or directly in physical action, as in the performance “Tango Passage”.